An Insightful Look into the World of Calrec – By Will Wayman

Before going to Calrec I was excited and looking forward to the many experiences I would be able to have while I was there for a week. Now that my week is over I can confidently say that being here and doing all the different experiences has completely exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I have spent here. Read on to find out more about the world of Calrec.

“Working at Calrec for a week has also made me excited for my future.”


On my first day, I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome from all the staff I had met, all my anxieties I had for the day ahead were immediately gone and I was excited to see what I’d be doing first.

I had a very informative tour of the whole building and the different departments. I really found this helpful because it helped me know where to go around the building and also provided me with a bit of information on each department and what each of their different roles and responsibilities are.

My first task of the day was doing a build status check for 10 of the headphone amplifiers. My job was to check the build of those 10 units against the BOM (bill of materials) to identify missing or incorrect parts. One of the outcomes of this exercise was that I managed to identify any units that didn’t meet Calrec’s quality standards.

This task taught me a lot about the company and how some things work too, for example, each piece of equipment or parts have a stock code attached to them which is what most people use to identify them. Here is a picture of the units that I was tasked to sort through

Later that afternoon, I learned about the structure of Calrec and how it is part of a conglomerate of companies under the parent company of Audiotonix. I was also shown an insightful diagram on both the cycle of a product in Calrec from beginning to end and also the different departments in Calrec such as the RnD, HR, Finance, Customer Support, Marketing and more, this gave me a thorough insight into how the company works and also taught me something new since I did not expect there to be so many different teams aiding the company.



The next day, I was in the RnD department doing 3D modelling on some software called CAD which stands for computer-aided design. Before going into this task I thought this would be quite difficult to do as it all sounded and looked quite complicated to me, but thankfully after a few tutorials on the software I was able to get to grips with it, here’s an example of what I made while doing these tutorials, see number 1 and 2.

I enjoyed doing these tasks and I also found it very interesting that the mixing desks are initially designed in this software, prior to this I wasn’t too sure how they were actually initially planned out and designed. After this I was tasked with making two items in CAD with no tutorials, the team who worked with CAD were extremely helpful and entertaining to be around as well. Here are the two things I made in CAD just based on a picture, see 3 and 4.



Next, I was in the production department throughout the day, initially, I thought this would have been my worst experience because I had no prior knowledge whatsoever and wasn’t sure what to do, but I think Wednesday may have been one of my best days during work experience, with Thursday being my favourite day throughout the week.

While in production I was tasked with fitting overlays, metalwork and a gasket to blank panels, and assembling the finished panel with faders, PCBs and TFTs, and finally testing the panel. I then went on to populating the Brio chassis, fitting PSUs and various other sub-cards, and finally wiring the console. Here’s a picture of the Brio chassis being assembled which I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in production, it was a whole new experience for me and one that I’m grateful for. The staff were also very helpful and taught me how to do everything, with me shadowing the building of the inside of the chassis at one point.



Thursday was my favourite day of the week! I was in the marketing department which is what I was most excited about since it aligned perfectly with some of my interests such as film and media studies.

I was tasked with filming, editing and publishing a video for the company’s social media which showed the timeline of their newest model, Argo, being built. This involved me going down to production and filming different aspects of the Argos in production such as the base design, final design, panels being screwed in, product test and much more. I even climbed up ladders to ensure I got the perfect shot. After I had compiled all my footage in the morning, I began to edit it all together.

Thankfully I already had some experience of filming and editing footage for my coursework for media studies GCSE at North Halifax Grammar School. During the editing process, I chose which shots appealed to me the most but also which ones would stand out from a marketing standpoint, I then added music to the video and it was pretty much done. I thoroughly enjoyed this whole process because it really aligned with my interests. Here is the final video that I produced –  I hope you like it.

Also on Thursday, I was in Stores for a bit, helping with the packing of Calrec’s latest game of Broadcast Battles which the marketing team were releasing, I didn’t expect to be doing this so it came as a surprise to me and I still enjoyed it because it was a completely different experience.


Then on Friday, I learnt how to upload content to Calrec’s site using their content management system (CMS), which involved uploading the copy I had previously collated and thinking about SEO, keywords, headings, and internal linking. I then spent a lot of time formatting it all and learning how to lay out a blog post on the website.

I also learnt how both PR and advertising work and how different companies target different demographics and markets through advertising their product to their target market and how they meet customer needs.

I then discovered how to format images in Canva to fit onto a website and other forms of social media. This involved editing the picture to make sure it fit in the required scale. Along with this, I learned how to format posts on social.

I took part in a photoshoot in front of the Calrec Apollo console in the demo room and then learned how to create different types of artwork across different platforms.



Overall I have really enjoyed my time at Calrec and once again I am so grateful for the different experiences, people I have met and tasks I have seen and done. Everyone here is so kind and helpful and I truly couldn’t have asked for a more welcoming set of people.

Working at Calrec for a week has made me excited for my future. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Calrec which has made me excited to work in the future. I’m looking forward to seeing where I end up and I’ll be sure to incorporate what I have gained this week moving forwards wherever I find myself in the future.

If you are interested in carrying out work experience, I strongly advise you to read the other blogs from people who have completed their work experience at Calrec and if you are thinking about coming here, you should contact HR for a potential opening.

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