• Live broadcast simplified


    The elegant Summa is perfect for broadcasters looking for the power to produce engaging broadcast audio with a clear, open and straightforward interface. Give your creativity some breathing space with Summa’s simplified workflows.

    Why you need a Summa

    Summa’s considered control simplifies even complex workflow tasks, such as creating mix-minus feeds, but still packs a lot of punch. With 300 DSP processing paths, Summa has eight groups, four mains, 16 auxes, and 32 tracks. Its router is the same technology as the larger Apollo and Artemis consoles.

  • Green


    Summa’s lean construction uses minimal components and materials, while disciplined power distribution means Summa has excellent green credentials; low weight, low consumption and minimal heat generation.

    No DSP sharing

    No DSP sharing

    With 300 DSP processing paths, every single input channel has dedicated DSP resources to give you total, stress-free control. Independent DSP operation ensures continuity in the event of a PC or control reset.

    Comprehensive training

    Comprehensive training

    Mixing on the Summa is straightforward, but getting to grips with technology in our changing landscape can be challenging. Summa helps with assistive apps like Autofaders and Automix, as well as comprehensive training videos.



    Hot pluggable, redundant hardware for all critical systems with automatic takeover on PSUs, DSP, control processor, router and I/O. Spares mirror primary hardware and in the rare event of failure take over with no audio disruption.



    Summa simplifies complex workflows with its 15.6” GUI which is designed for a range of users and provides clear presentation of information. Summa’s worksurface is fully configurable with dedicated visual information on every fader.

    Simplified layout

    Simplified layout

    Available in fixed 20, 32 and 44-fader configurations, Summa's channel strip has only essential mechanical controls, featuring a full 100mm fader with mechanical PFL overpress, two flexible control cells, and a dedicated gain pot.

    • Fixed surface sizes: 12+8f, 24+8f and 36+8f
      fader configurations
    • Six Surface Layers
    • 5.1 Console Monitor Output
    • 3 x 5.1 Studio Monitor Outputs
    • Built-in Talkback Microphone
    • Stereo Headphone Output
    • A pool of 180 or 128 Channel processing paths
    • 4 x Main Outputs (mono, stereo or 5.1)
    • 8 x Audio Sub-Groups (mono, stereo or 5.1)
    • 32 x Track Outputs (mono or stereo)
    • 16 x Auxiliary Outputs (mono or stereo)
    • 1 x Direct Output per Channel (Pre EQ, Pre Fader or Post Fader)
    • 1 x Mix Minus Output per Channel (can be fed from Auto Minus, Auxes, Tracks or Off Air Conference Bus)
    • 1 x Auto Minus Bus
    • 1 x Off Air Conference Bus
    • 1 x Insert on every Channel, Group, Main and Console Monitor Output
    • 152 x External Monitor and Meter Inputs
    • Unlimited VCA groups
    • 6-band parametric EQ on every Channel, Group, Main
    • Dynamics processing on every Channel, Main, Group, Aux and Track (2 x Compressor/Limiter, Expander, Gate, Side Chain EQ/Filters
    • 2.73s of delay within every Channel, Group, Main, Aux and Track
    • An additional pool of 128 blocks of assignable Input Delay (2.73s each)
    • An additional pool of 128 blocks of assignable Output Delay (2.73s each)
    • 24+8 Calrec Summa control surface
    • 24+8 Calrec Summa control surface
    • 12+8 Calrec Summa control surface
    • Summa DSP Core
    • Summa touchscreen
  • Take a look at our comprehensive Summa training videos designed to get you up and running in minutes.

    Click Here To Get Started

Looking for Summa audio console training?

Dive into our Summa Training! Work your way through our comprehensive short video tutorials or use them as a reference point.


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Knowing that the console will work without question is a big comfort to us. Summa adds a powerful new audio-mixing option to our fleet, so we can handle more complex shows more easily.

Yucel Ozacar, General Manager at HD Protek

Yucel Ozacar

HD Protek