Outside Broadcast and Remote Broadcast clients are a core part of Calrec’s customer base – in fact, in Sports Video Group’s annual Gearbase survey, Calrec have come top of the list for audio consoles in HD trucks every single year.

Outside broadcast trucks have very specific requirements which differentiate them from studio environments. Size is the most obvious constraint, which is why Calrec works hard to squeeze more faders into a given space than any other console manufacturer. In fact, Calrec’s Apollo can accommodate 160 physical faders into just 2674mm/105.28″.

Physical rigidity is important, especially when you consider a truck spends most of its working life bouncing along the road. Connectivity continues to evolve, with massive reductions in on-site set-up times and a huge reduction of heavy cabling needed to network a truck on-site. Protocols are more efficient, and the introduction of Calrec’s H2Hub and Fieldbox products enable broadcasters to create complex on-site networks with the minimum amount of cost, time and cabling.

Detailed console memories reduce set-up time, and Calrec’s Hydra2 networking system provides intelligent network management which automatically updates the network infrastructure. This can be especially useful at outside broadcast events such as golf, where there are long cable runs across many kilometres. And of course, built-in redundancy on all critical elements provides absolute peace of mind, especially when you are about to go live to air in a remote part of the country!

Calrec has dedicated itself to catering for this very specific sector of the market and is the market leader in outside broadcast in both the US and the UK. Talk to us to see what we can do for you.

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