Training and education has never been more important

Getting to grips with complex technology in our shifting broadcast landscape is vital, and as workflows continue to evolve we’re all responsible to keep up with changing demands.

Mixing on a Calrec should be second nature. Our product and UI designers are always working to simplify workflows and introduce time-saving apps like Autofaders and Automix, but a basic understanding of the fundamentals is always a good idea.

You can now register and complete certified Calrec Sound Institute training!

Dolby Atmos® Training
Dolby and Calrec make immersive mixing easy with their free certified training. With more live broadcasts taking advantage of immersive technology, Dolby and Calrec show how Calrec Brio’s mix of features, 96 channel capacity and immersive capabilities help keep your audience in the centre of your world.

AoIP Training
Our certified series of comprehensive AoIP training sessions will help you master or refresh your AoIP knowledge and covers everything a broadcast facility needs to know about IP, how it works and the effect it is having on our industry.

Brio, Type R & Summa
Our certified training series for Brio and Type R and Summa training videos are designed to get an operator up and running in minutes. They cover hardware overviews, I/O, routing channels, mix minus, bussing and monitoring – everything you need to get up and running. These short step-by-step training videos highlight the main features and help you set up these features on your audio console successfully.

Complete Calrec Sound Institute’s certified training in 3 easy steps!

  1. Watch each video
  2. Answer a set of questions after watching each video
  3. Download and share your certificate

Need a refresher on audio theory?
Take a look at our Audio Primer, an essential and well-thumbed reading resource for audio courses, and syllabus reading for a number of Calrec customers too!

Want more technical detail?
Download our free Operator Manuals available for every Calrec product.

Watch this space!
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Dolby Atmos® Training on Immersive Mixing

Sign up to FREE Dolby Atmos training on Immersive Mixing. Learn how you can set up and mix live immersive content even on very small desks like Brio.

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Dolby Atmos® Training on Immersive Mixing

1) AoIP Training: Networking 101 - Part 1

The first in a series of detailed AoIP training.

Get Down To Basics
1) AoIP Training: Networking 101 - Part 1

Audio Primer

Calrec’s Audio Primer is a basic overview of audio theory, digital processing, applications, and techniques relating to the broadcast industry.

It’s a good introduction to learn how mixing audio for broadcast differs from other disciplines, and how to make the most of the functionality on a dedicated broadcast desk.

It’s also a great refresher for those of us who have been mixing for some time. Rediscover concepts of EQ, filter types, shelf and bell curves and how processing order can affect the final mix!

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Audio Primer

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