• Raise your game with Artemis


    Powerful, responsive, flexible and reliable as only a Calrec can be, the Artemis offers compact size with undiminished routing and processing capability.

    Why you need an Artemis

    Artemis is resilient, intuitive and powerful. It has a flexible and intuitive control surface that incorporates colour, touch and tactile controls and allows the operator to reconfigure it to reflect a variety of operating setups so it is always familiar.

    Available in four packages, Artemis is as big as you need it to be, and no DSP sharing means all facilities are available on all channels at all times – that’s fully dedicated resources always available at all times on every single channel.

  • Flexible


    Artemis has a flexible and intuitive control surface which changes colour depending on function. Soft panels allow the operator to reconfigure the console to reflect a variety of operating setups, and extensive use of colour across TFTs and colour-changing rotaries provides practical and elegant feedback with one-knob per function control.



    Artemis provides hot pluggable redundant hardware for all critical systems with automatic and seamless takeover on all PSUs, DSP, control processor, router and I/O. Spares mirror the primary hardware and in the rare event of failure, automatically take over with no disruption to the audio.



    Control panels can switch mode on the fly, allowing for all controls to be one button press away, irrespective of operator position and allowing each user their own preferred control layout. User splits and independent monitoring allows multiple operators to work on the same surface.



    Flexible monitoring and metering provide comprehensive coverage over every aspect of production. Artemis has lots of input and output metering so you can be sure across all your sources at all times. Built-in assistive apps like Autofader and Automix help keep you on top of your game.



    With up to 680 DSP processing paths, all Artemis DSP paths are available on all channels irrespective of whatever else is going on; every single channel has dedicated DSP resources to give you total, stress-free control. Independent DSP operation ensures continuity in the event of a PC or control reset.



    Artemis is ready to switch to an IP network whenever you are ready. Either add Calrec’s SMPTE 2110 compliant ImPulse IP core to an existing console or connect direct to an existing IP network via Calrec’s Gateway technology. All Artemis I/O is switchable from Hydra2 to IP.

    Product Info

    Artemis Shine

    Artemis Ray

    Artemis Beam

    Artemis Light

    Physical Faders 72 72 64 56
    DSP Processing Paths 904 680 564 384
    Input Channels 680 456 340 240
    Main and Group Buses 128 128 128 72
    Main Outputs 16 16 16 16
    Group Outputs 48 48 48 48
    Track/IFB Output Buses 64 64 64 48
    Track/IFB Sends per Path 4 4 4 4
    Aux Output Buses 32 32 32 24
    Mix-Minus Outputs and Direct Outputs 512 512 512 256
    Input Delay 256 of up to 2.73s 256 of up to 2.73s 256 of up to 2.73s 256 of up to 2.73s
    Insert Send and Returns 256 256 256 128
    Path Delay 680 of up to 2.73s 456 of up to 2.73s 340 of up to 2.73s 240 of up to 2.73s
    Output Delay 256 of up to 2.73s 256 of up to 2.73s 128 of up to 2.73s 128 of up to 2.73s
  • Artemis dimensions (with MW5940 Monitor Panel)


    Artemis dimensions (with IM6299 Monitor/Fader Panel)

    • Artemis installed at Al Jazeera Balkans
    • Artemis Light console Rack
    • Calrec Artemis control surface
    • Artemis Gama Studio OB Van Crotatia
    • Artemis mixing console upstand
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Calrec Artemis Audio Console at BeckTV, US

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We chose Calrec because they offer very powerful, rock-solid consoles built with broadcasters in mind. That’s why Calrec is at the heart of our audio infrastructure.

Mirad Isakovic, Manager of the Broadcast Technology Department, Al Jazeera Balkans

Mirad Isakovic

Manager of the Broadcast Technology Department, Al Jazeera Balkans