Dheshnie Naidoo, Head of Production Operations at SuperSport, said, “IP is, from our viewpoint and understanding, a transport medium in the UHD world allowing for seamless, scalable, flexible, innovative workflows and opens up remote broadcasting capabilities. When it comes to audio, the truck relies on Calrec components.

“Over the course of 15 years, we’ve established a strong partnership with Calrec, making them the clear choice for this project due to their dedication and investment in IP technology plus excellent service.”

IP1 was built with the purpose of revolutionizing live sports broadcasting by using the latest IP technologies from leading suppliers. SuperSport is using the truck for international and local sporting events across South Africa, originating in 4K. Fully ST 2110-compliant, the truck took 18 months to design and build, working with SI Broadcast Solutions. Each ImPulse core – primary and redundant – has two router cards with the Type R being used for submixing and redundancy.

Monitoring is via Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 and all sources are via stageboxes or ST 2110 direct. The truck is also equipped with a Dante network commentary and audio monitoring devices.

With approximately 750 live productions each year, SuperSport is no longer confined to 1080p. Naidoo said, “Our new IP facility outputs in UHD, which can be down-converted to 3G HD. For our productions in South Africa, we are transporting the 3G HD signal currently via satellite and ATM workflows. We are working currently with telcos across South Africa and soon we will be able to take advantage of greater transmission speeds.”

Head of Business Development at Broadcast Solutions UK said the decision to make the truck fully IP is a sign of the changing times. “SuperSport was really keen to create a vehicle as future-ready as possible — one that could enable HFR, HDR and full 4K workflows as required.”

Graham Murray, International Sales Manager at Calrec said the company is committed to facilitating a smooth transition to IP for broadcasters. He commented;

“Calrec’s approach has always been to create solutions that allow broadcasters to migrate to IP at their own pace.”

Being part of advanced projects like IP1 for a prominent broadcaster like SuperSport and experienced system integrator like Broadcast Solutions is what Calrec is all about — offering cutting-edge, proven, and reliable technology that enhances workflows & viewer satisfaction in a cost-effective/efficient way.

Graham Murray

International Sales Manager at Calrec

It was a natural step to move to an ST 2110 environment that utilizes NMOS. It modernizes the way devices are discovered, added, and operated within a network — making things much smoother and easier for operators. SuperSport has had a very good working relationship with Calrec over many years and it was a natural progression to move with them to take full advantage of what IP can facilitate.

Malcolm Robinson, Head of Business Development, Broadcast Solutions UK

Malcolm Robinson

Head of Business Development at Broadcast Solutions UK


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