• Hydra2 does not compromise audio quality, performs with negligible latency and is founded on comprehensive, built-in fault detection and redundancy.

    Many of the world’s most successful broadcasters rely on Hydra2 infrastructure for live on-air application in both fixed and mobile installations every day.

    Calrec’s networking protocols provide seamless, scalable audio networking infrastructures which allow for large numbers of inputs and outputs to be shared and controlled regardless of location.

    At the heart of Hydra2 is the 8192² Calrec router (4096² on Summa and Artemis Light). Networks become more advanced when multiple routers are connected together to add additional mixing consoles, or to increase the amount of I/O connections available. Routers, mixing consoles and I/O can all be easily connected to the network as and when needed.

    In line with the AIMS and JTNM roadmaps, as IP transport protocols develop, Calrec’s range of I/O boxes do too; all fixed format I/O boxes are switchable to sit on an IP network and have built-in support for NMOS discovery and connection management (IS-04 v1.3 and IS-05: v1.1).

  • Fixed Format IO

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    Analogue Mic / Line 12In/4 Out – XLR


    Analogue Mic/Line 24 In/8 Out – XLR


    Analogue Mic/Line 48 In/16 Out – XLR


    AE5743, AE5991, AE5992
    Analogue Mic/Line 32 In/32 Out- EDAC


    Digital AES3 16 In/16 Out – BNC


    Digital AES3 32 In/32 Out – BNC


    Digital AES3 Rear Mount 32 In/32 Out – BNC


    JM5736, JM5831, JM5890
    Dual MADI (Discontinued)


    AD6300 (Br.IO)
    Same IO configuaration as the Brio console: 24 x
    mic/line i/p, 16 x analogue o/p, 8 x AES3 Digital i/p,
    8 x AES3 Digital o/p


    AD6217-2 (Fieldbox)
    8 x in (xlr) / 8 x out (analogue D Type)


    RY6211-2 (H2Hub)
    1 x in / 4 x out redundant network distibution node


  • Modular IO

    For more detailed technical guides, please sign in and visit our Resources page. We will always treat your data with respect – read our Privacy Policy here.

    Digital IO cards

    3U Core Enclosure


    4 x Digital AES Input (XLR)


    4 x Digital AES Input (BNC)


    4 x Digital AES Output (XLR)


    4 x Digital AES Output (BNC)


    8 In, 8 Out Digital AES (D-Type)


    1 x Madi In/Out – AES10 (BNC/SFP)

    Analogue IO cards

    4 x Mic/Line In (XLR)


    2 x Mic/Line In with Splits (XLR)


    8 x Analogue Mic/Line Level Inputs (D-Type)


    8 x Analogue Line Level Inputs (D-Type)


    8 x Analogue Line Out (D-Type)


    4 x Line Out (XLR)


    4 x Transformer Mic/Line In (XLR)


    2 x SDI Embedder (BNC)


    2 x SDI De-Embedder (BNC)


    GPIO, 8 In/8 Full Changeover Out (D-Type)


    GPIO, 8 In/16 Out (D-Type)


    Dante with Network Redundancy (RJ45)


    Waves Soundgrid (RJ45)
  • AoIP

    For more information on Calrec’s AoIP solutions, visit our AoIP page here.


    AoIP Interface

    The Calrec Audio over IP unit provides a Hydra2 AoIP interface carrying up to 512 x 512 channels using AES67/ Ravenna and or AVB modules.

    The unit can accommodate two modules AoIP 1 & AoIP 2 and may be fitted with one or two 256 x 256 channel AES67/ Ravenna or AVB modules, or one of each type as required.

    In addition to the standard Hydra2 redundancy each module also has both a primary and secondary 1GB IP connection, supporting hitless switching for redundancy.

    IP Stream management is achieved through a WEB UI.

    Hydra2 network connections

    A pair of rear mounted SFP slots provide primary and secondary connections back to routers in a Hydra2 network.

    Primary and Secondary SFP slots are also provided for the 2 x AoIP ports and indicators are provided on the rear to show which modules have been fitted to the unit.

    The AoIP unit must be given an ID which is unique on the network, before being connected. The ID is a value from 1 to 256, set as a binary representation using DIP switches accessible from the rear.

    The AES sync O/P on the rear of the unit provides a PTP clock reference derived from the Internet stream. Note: this sync O/P is not yet enabled as of 01/09/16.

    The System OK LED strobes every second to indicate that the system is actively talking to the AoIP modules and the Hydra 2 interface. or every 100ms if the Hydra 2 interface is not active.

    Config Port

    A Cat 5e connector on the front of the unit is used for Setup via a WEB UI.

    Front Panel Reset & Status LEDs

    A recessed Reset button allows the user to reset the system. A Red Fan Fail LED illuminates if the fan stops spinning. Next to this are the 2 PSU LEDs which illuminate green to show they are ON.

    The Hydra2, AoIP 1 & AoIP 2 primary and secondary interface LEDs illuminate to show they are connected.

Hydra2 provides seamless, scalable audio networking of audio mixing consoles with routers and IO interfaces

Fixed and Modular I/O

Calrec provide a range of fixed format I/O boxes to provide the quantity and type of signal format required where it is needed. Each type of fixed-format I/O box contains a set number of inputs and outputs, all of the same type/signal format.

Modular I/O BOXES are 3U rackmount enclosures with 20 x I/O card slots that can be populated with a mixed range of I/O cards, allowing for a custom selection of I/O quantities and formats. Modular I/O boxes connect to a Hydra2 network in the same way as fixed-format I/O.

Multiple I/O boxes can coexist on a Hydra2 network alongside fixed format IO, if required, in order to make up the quantity of I/O in the format and location needed.


The Fieldbox is a portable I/O box which provides 8 x balanced analogue mic/line level inputs, and 8 x balanced analogue line level outputs, in a compact, cost-effective package. The Fieldbox functions just like any other Hydra2 I/O box, providing remote control over input settings that utilise Hydra2’s sharing, protection and access management system, along with active status monitoring and a backup Hydra2 network connection.


The H2Hub provides a network distribution node that can be used to connect from a router up to 4 x external connections which may be I/O boxes or other Hubs to form a local array of I/O connectivity. A single connection from any router can be switched via the H2Hub to multiple I/O units, and even another H2Hub if further I/O distribution is required – in fact 3 x H2Hubs can be daisy-chained together.


Br.IO is a 4U Hydra2 based external I/O Rack allowing for cost effective expansion of I/O for use with Brio and Summa consoles. This rack has the same complement of analogue and digital I/O that can be found in a Brio 36 system.

For a complete overview of our range of Hydra2 equipment, visit our Resources page to download our Product Brochure, or for more detailed information login to download our Hydra2 Installation Guide.

Whether on Hydra2 or over IP, Calrec makes connecting and managing resources very straightforward.

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