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Global events have accelerated thinking and broadcasters are looking at remote working and virtualization to protect their businesses.

At Calrec, we’ve been working remotely with customers for years to help create live broadcasts both safely and reliably. Remote Production is all about reducing onsite staff at a venue and keeping as much of the production team at the Production Centre as possible.

Remote working, or virtualization, has seen broadcasters find ways to work with staff unable to travel, finding ways to produce programs with key operators working from their homes. This distributed Production Team model has used Calrec’s remote and virtual products to stay on-air by connecting to hardware from remote locations, using portable hardware in remote locations, and making integrated use of station automation systems.

A range of remote workflows
As more and more manufacturers and broadcasters adapt to virtualized working environments and embrace flexible workflows, many live programmes are now being mixed remotely or using virtualized surfaces.

Calrec customers can use its Calrec Assist web GUI to virtualize operations which allows users to mix directly from their laptops. It is compatible with a range of Calrec products and is helping broadcasters streamline workflows, improve cost efficiency, and expand the variety of coverage – safely.

Calrec Assist provides experienced operators a user-friendly alternative to mixing live sports and gives less experienced mixers a way to create a quality mix very quickly.

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Remote control is easily achieved using Calrec’s virtual mixing UI Calrec Assist via Google Chrome, giving access to console features such as aux sends, Automix and monitor feeds.

Cyril Mazouer, Executive In Charge of Production and design of the setup

Cyril Mazouer

Executive In Charge of Production and Design of the Setup at Boîte à Outils Broadcast (BOB)