eSports is the fastest-growing spectator sport in the world.

With passionate audiences, and a hunger for bigger and more complex tournaments, many eSports broadcasters are looking at more traditional broadcast infrastructures to increase revenue. Calrec works with some of the heaviest hitters from the eSports world, helping them to produce engaging content which sounds amazing.

While Calrec’s remote capabilities helps keep costs down, its AES67-ready backbone has one eye on the future, allowing you to play nicely with other suppliers on the AIMS roadmap.

Calrec is the most trusted name in live broadcast audio, and is already a market-leader in outside broadcast and remote production. Calrec’s reputation for reliability, ease of use, customer support and build quality is proving very appealing to eSports broadcasters. Contact us to find out how we can help you to grow your audience by helping you improve your content.

Ten reasons why Calrec are Experts in eSports:

  1. Solid reliability in a new and burgeoning field
    This burgeoning industry has really gained a lot of momentum in a short space of time. It has gone from online streaming to full-blown broadcasts in a few years, and now needs the technology to support it. Luckily Calrec has been in the broadcast industry for over 50 years and enjoys a reputation as class-leading broadcast engineers. Calrec already has your needs covered.
  2. Powerful and Expandable
    Calrec’s range of consoles are designed to fit any requirement. From the tiny Brio12 to the top-of-the-range Apollo console there is a desk that is right for broadcasts of any size and complexity, with the added capability of easily expanding and networking if/when the need arises.
  3. Native IP
    Gone are the days when an audio console was required to simply mix audio. Consoles are integral components on wider networks with adaptable workflows and shareable resources using open standards and established networking technology. Calrec has a range of COTS-compatible products designed around an IP backbone, as well as a number of SMPTE 2110/AES67-compatible products to help customers transition to an IP environment which include extra control levels to allow audio labels and control data to be passed. This gives users the ability to control gain of mic inputs under a variety of network conditions. Wherever you are on your IP journey, Calrec can help you get there.
  4. Remote Production
    Remote Production can be a very cost-effective solution for eSports broadcasting. Using a centralised studio and connecting to RP1 units at venues across the globe could save money, time and manpower. Calrec’s RP1 eliminates the control, latency and transport issues previously encountered in remote workflows.
  5. Assistive Mixing Technologies
    Calrec’s consoles all have a suite of broadcast-specific features to make mixing smooth and seamless. Automixers attenuate any number of mono inputs allowing mic bleed and room noise to be easily controlled. Autofaders allow for GPIO triggers from vision switchers to quickly change audio sources in fast paced, high action productions. Combine these with fully featured EQ and Dynamics on every channel, all the time, and it becomes clear why Calrec leads the charge in broadcast audio.
  6. Audio Quality
    While some broadcast consoles focus on functionality at the expense of sonic quality, Calrec has always prioritised both. Calrec’s highly successful Bluefin technology means that sound quality on its smallest consoles is just as stunning as its bigger siblings. Mic-pre’s are clear, transparent and have a fantastic transient response, and while our engineers obsess over the quality of the EQs, compressors and huge dynamic range, they are very focussed on ensuring the clearest surface layout possible. In short, with Calrec you get form, function and finesse.
  7. Reliability
    There are no second takes with live broadcasting. Reliability is key, and Calrec has made it a priority in all its consoles. With many redundant features built-in from scratch, and thousands of consoles on-air across the globe, 24 hours a day, Calrec’s reputation for reliability is second to none.
  8. Easy to use control surface
    Calrec has been making assignable control surfaces for more than 35 years – in fact, Calrec supplied the world’s first digitally controlled assignable mixing console way back in 1981. Several refinements on, Calrec consoles have a very short learning curve; they are easy to drive with lots of visual feedback, and Brio even gives you hints on how to set up your workflow.
  9. No DSP sharing
    The difference between shared and non-shared DSP makes a huge impact on desk resources. It is better to have resources you don’t need rather than having to count your inputs and outputs and worry about how much DSP you have left. Unlike other broadcast consoles, Calrec desks have separate channel and bus DSP resources at all times. Welcome to stress-free broadcasting.
  10. Audio Distribution router
    In a fast-paced and dynamic broadcast environment, quick audio routing can be essential. That’s why all Calrec consoles feature internal 1-to-n routers that allow any source to be routed to one or even all destinations, whatever you may require. Calrec routers also support external control via SW-P-08, so you can integrate your mixer into your workflow, seamlessly.

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