Entertainment clients are a breed apart from other broadcast disciplines, with a set of very specific needs and requirements.

Calrec have been supplying console systems for some of the world’s biggest and most complex live entertainment shows for many years. From studio-based extravaganzas like X Factor and Dancing with the Stars, to live coverage of the Academy Awards, Calrec have the needs of entertainment clients covered.

Familiar and freelance-friendly consoles keep operators on top of their game, while Calrec’s Bluefin technology means that mic-pre’s are always clear, transparent and with a fantastic transient response.

Calrec’s channel counts are bigger than any other manufacturer, and with no sharing of any DSP facilities, every channel always has a full set of EQ and Dynamics available all the time.

With Calrec, entertainment customers get everything they need in one package – form, function and finesse.

Ten reasons why Calrec are Experts in Entertainment:

  1. You never run out of resources
    Calrec‘s unsurpassed channel count is thanks to its Bluefin range of FPGA-based DSP. Bluefin and its successors award every channel with a full set of EQ and Dynamics that are available all the time. Calrec’s custom consoles feature a compressor/limiter/expander/gate and a second compressor/limiter on every channel, giving ultimate control of all signals, at all times – applying these resources do not deplete the DSP count. Calrec’s industry-leading mic circuit design virtually guarantees no distortion, and Calrec’s huge range of dynamic headroom can cope with the most excitable audiences.
  2. Fast memory recall
    Calrec consoles include comprehensive memory/snapshot and cueing facilities that allow quick recall of the mix for each part of your show.
  3. Dynamic Automation
    Calrec’s broadcast automation is similar to traditional music automation systems, but that’s where the similarity stops. The first pass can be set to Record with the automation controls hidden away. Once over, the automation controls can be made visible on the console surface with a button press. When it is not needed those controls are simply hidden away again allowing the operator to focus on the live broadcast mix. The system provides an on-screen editor that can be operated from the mix position, allowing the user to locate any part of the show, replay the recording, and make adjustments using the surface controls in combination with the set of editing tools provided. The console setup and automation data can be saved for use at a later date.
  4. Replay capabilities
    For minimising soundcheck times when mixing bands or repackaging productions for release on other platforms, Calrec’s Replay function allows users to switch a selection of channel paths from Input 1 to Input 2 with a single button press. In this scenario, outputs from the user’s multi-track systems would be patched to input 2, so soundchecks that have been recorded can be played back through the same mixer channels and therefore the same EQ, Dynamics etc.Put simply? Your own Virtual Soundcheck.
  5. Sound Quality
    While some broadcast consoles focus on functionality at the expense of sonic quality, Calrec has always prioritised both. Calrec’s highly successful Bluefin technology means that sound quality on its smallest consoles is just as stunning as its bigger siblings. Mic-pre’s are clear, transparent and have a fantastic transient response, and while our engineers obsess over the quality of the EQs, compressors and huge dynamic range, they are very focussed on ensuring the clearest surface layout possible.
    In short, with Calrec you get form, function and finesse.
  6. Snapshots with isolate protection
    Calrec consoles include a flexible channel isolate feature that allows users to isolate any or all settings on each channel from snapshot/memory loads as required, meaning those important channel settings are protected while the rest of the mix can be loaded safely.
  7. Freelance-friendly
    Calrec is privileged to be the benchmark and standard in many of the world’s leading broadcast territories. Due to this, freelancers are generally very experienced in operating Calrec consoles, which means a wider range of operators can be up and running on a Calrec console without delay.
  8. Layers
    Calrec consoles have up to 12 A/B layers on their surfaces. These allow for all sources and busses to be patched to a fader with only the important ones brought to the top to give instant access during a live broadcast. This can simplify the organisation of big, multi-performance events and allow for a stress-free mix.
  9. Immersive mixing formats
    Immersive audio enhances TV engagement for everyone, but increased channel counts and 3D panning requirements are incredibly demanding and require more powerful DSP engines. Luckily, Calrec’s ImPulse can supply both as well as support up to four separate mixing environments, while Calrec’s integrated 3D mixing facilities make it easy to control the 3D image.
  10. Native IP
    Gone are the days when an audio console was required to simply mix audio. Consoles are integral components on wider networks with adaptable workflows and shareable resources using open standards and established networking technology. Calrec has a range of COTS-compatible products designed around an IP backbone, as well as a number of SMPTE 2110/AES67-compatible products to help customers transition to an IP environment which include extra control levels to allow audio labels and control data to be passed. This gives users the ability to control gain of mic inputs under a variety of network conditions. Wherever you are on your IP journey, Calrec can help you get there.

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