Calrec has been working with its customers to shape the broadcast landscape for more than 50 years.

In 1977 Calrec supplied the world’s first stereo broadcast console and in 1981 the company supplied the world’s first digitally controlled assignable mixing console.

In 2007 Calrec unveiled Bluefin, the world’s first FPGA-based DSP system. Bluefin improved DSP efficiency by 5000% and was available as an upgrade to existing Calrec desks.

Today broadcasters’ needs are more diverse than ever. Whether you are looking to expand your studio complex, outfit a remote vehicle, increase your live event programming, build redundancy into your facility or move into new markets, Calrec can help.

In this fast-paced and progressive era, broadcasters need to ensure that their systems can produce programmes efficiently and to changing specifications. Networks are evolving, and Calrec systems are being used in a variety of new environments.

Whatever you need, Calrec have the expertise and the heritage to help. Check out how we can help in our application cases below.

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