Sounding out the future

“I don’t know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future.” – Ralph Abernathy

By Madison O’Reilly

This week, I have completed what was an amazing opportunity for myself. I have spent the days learning about Calrec as a company and what it may conform to when thinking about career perspectives.

I am a year 12 student studying Art, Craft and Design, Law and Sociology. Although unsure at this stage what I would like to do with my future and what path I would like to go down, I have always thrived in immersing myself with the prospects and possibilities regarding it. I am a very driven and creative individual and have valued this experience significantly as it has shown me the vast range of different and unique sectors within the company.

During this work experience placement, I have spent my mornings in production, where I have learnt how to run overnight reports, release jobs and create T-Cards, run shortage reports, raise jobs, complete structure updates and amend test times. I have found this a great way to be made aware of, discover and recognise that there is so much to Calrec, so much that you wouldn’t even begin to think of. It has been fascinating to fathom the intricacies surrounding what the employees do.

Following this, I have explored and have been welcomed into the world of HR and Administration. This has been extremely interesting and captivating for me as I think it’s easy to forget that behind every great employee, is a great HR team supporting them and their mindset. I have discovered all about the responsibilities they have and the roles they fill. This ranges from carrying out the daily attendance to creating employee information spreadsheets to bookings, orders, inventory checks, organisational tasks and acquiring goods for upcoming social events. Comparably, this has been yet another brilliant opportunity for me as I’ve been able to get involved and acquire some new skills I never even knew existed before.

Being such innovative and imaginative character, it has been astonishing to see how much of your personality you can express through your work. Whether this be through your organisation methods, what you excel in and what you can produce for the company. It is beyond interesting and intriguing to note how everyone always overcomes the minor bumps and comes out on top, regardless of how hard their work may seem.

Calrec has been the most welcoming environment and I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience week here. For someone like me who isn’t sure about what direction they would like to head in and what career path they would like to go down, it’s an outstanding opportunity that allows you to decipher what you definitely do like and maybe what you don’t like as much. As stated before, there are so many different and contrasting roles to go into that you are bound to find something you love. I am now in a position to take away the knowledge I have gathered and contribute its use to decide and determine what I would like to do with my life.

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