Hello, my name is Robert and I have just finished my work experience at Calrec Audio Ltd.
So what happened?

Day 1
Morning: Introduction and admin with the HR department and then I got on with my first job, cancelling magazine subscriptions. I continued this up until lunch at 12:30
Afternoon: That afternoon I moved down to production and was given a short tutorial on how to solder and was given the task of soldering some joystick parts to some PCBs, I was then told to apply overlays to some boards. This took me to the finishing time of 4:30.

Day 2
Morning: I was back in production but was now soldering chips to PCBs and I also did some wire crimping.
Afternoon: In the afternoon I was in the hardware department and ended up putting up shelves and fixing a pair of headphones I had broken the week before.

Day 3
Morning: In the morning I ended up back in production but this time I got to run a supervised test of one of the Brio consoles.
Afternoon: After lunch I was back in the hardware department and ended up getting shown the EMC lab and was tasked with assembling the front panels of a Brio from spare parts(to be used at the Calrec Christmas party).

Day 4
Morning: I ended up in hardware finishing the front of the spare parts Brio.
Afternoon: In the afternoon I was supposed to be working in stores but, due to technical issues, I was sent back to production where I assembled the fader section of a Brio front panel and built some racks.

Day 5
Morning: I was working in stores in the morning logging imports of stock and packing and distributing desks as well as bringing parts up to production.
Afternoon: In the afternoon I was posted in marketing and sales and wrote this for social media and marketing use as well as for evidence of my work experience to provide for school.

All in all, I have enjoyed my experience working for Calrec and would take it any day over school work and I particularly enjoyed my sections in production and hardware as they were the parts that interested me the most.

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