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Record your memories

When we saw this product on Kickstarter it ticked lot of boxes for us, it's just a very smart idea.

OpenEars are Bluetooth ear buds which can play music and be used on the go, but unlike other ear buds they also allow users to record in binaural sound, and without the inconvenience of lugging around a life-size dummy head. We've all done it, it's just embarrassing.

The man behind Binauric is Detlef Wiese, who you may also know as the CEO of MAYAH Communications. We also know him as the Tonmeister alumni of Theo Schulte, Calrec's man in Germany. As Theo says, "we all stay in touch - there were only 15 in our year!"

Previously, the most sophisticated tool to record  binaural sound was the Dummy Head, which is an accurate replica of a human head and ears. Two omni-directional microphones are placed inside the ears and inter-aural time, and level differences and head-related transfer function are preserved. Listening on headphones reflects the sound’s direction, depth and details, and gives a fair representation of what the sound recordist experienced at the time of the recording. Binaura's OpenEars earplugs aims to to the same in the user's own ears.

It's smart and we think that it would be great for sharing special events, like holidays or gigs, or birthday parties. Recapturing those peaceful moments on holiday is easier when you can imagine yourself back there, and with the advances in phone video technology we are recording these memories on our smart phones more and more. The audio makes a big difference.


“Our ears, like our eyes, perceive the world in 3D,” said Binauric CEO Detlef Wiese. “The image is well ahead of audio when it comes to technological advancements, but we’ve found a way to change this. These ear buds will change the sound experience landscape. With OpenEars, people can capture life’s audio – and share the sounds in real time, or as a normal file.”

Binauric claims that OpenEars are the next step in audible storytelling, which is a phrase we love.

You can get more information from the website here, or on Kickstarter here.


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