Bringing Golf up to Par – driving the changes with Calrec’s Fieldbox

This article was first published in Resolution magazine, V14.3, May 2015 Back in the 1980’s we were confident of several indefensible truths: 1. Robots were going to take over the world, just as soon as they became self-aware, which was any day. 2. Back to the Future was an accurate representation of what life would […]


Record your memories

When we saw this product on Kickstarter it ticked lot of boxes for us, it’s just a very smart idea. OpenEars are Bluetooth ear buds which can play music and be used on the go, but unlike other ear buds they also allow users to record in binaural sound, and without the inconvenience of lugging around a […]


What does falling in love sound like?

The other week we read with some interest this article on the BBC website  about research into technologies to replace the audio descriptions that help visually impaired people enjoy TV shows and films. The theory is that audio descriptions, whilst explaining what is going on, are not part of the creative vision that the writer/director/producer […]


How many streams make a download?

Apparently, it’s 100. Last week the official UK Chart announced that it will recognise tracks played from streaming music sites when it compiles its charts. The popularity of music streaming has grown very quickly – according to the BPI, there were twice as many tracks streamed in 2013 than 2012. It put us in mind of a recent interesting […]