Have you ever wanted to control an audio mixing console in Tokyo from the comfort of your own home?

Thanks to our Japanese partner, Hibino, now you can!

Our Japanese partner, Hibino has built a remote broadcast environment using Calrec’s Type R digital broadcast mixing console and Calrec Assist web GUI which allows the user to control the audio console remotely.

The Type R fader panel and IO unit are located in Studio A in Tokyo and the audio input to the IO unit is IP-transmitted to the Type R core unit located at remote location B in Yokohama.

Users can access the fader and processing screen from Monday to Friday between the following hours –  10am – 5pm (JST),  1am – 8am (GMT), 5pm – 12 midnight (PST), 2am – 9am (CET) until Friday 27th November.

Please use Google Chrome and open these two windows side by side and don’t forget to close the web browser when you finish.

Book your very own real-time demo!

Calrec has also created a real-time demo with Calrec’s Type R audio console which can be accessed remotely, wherever you are in the world.

If you are looking for a remote working broadcast solution, Calrec has a number of different remote workflows to suit all budgets and requirements.

If you would like more information or a remote demo please email: demo@calrec.com or click the link below.

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