Brio Training and Demo Videos

Get up and running

Our series of short videos are designed to get you up and running on Calrec's Brio console straight away. Brio is the most powerful and compact digital broadcast audio console in its class, and has been designed to be quick to learn and easy to operate. Based on Calrec’s 20 plus years of digital console development, Brio’s uncluttered, compact, and configurable surface gives instant access to a large number of audio paths, whilst an intuitive 15.6-inch HD touchscreen UI provides quick access to more in-depth control. A bank of illuminating hardware rotary controls gives fast and precise control over parameters displayed in the touchscreen UI.

Brio: Promo

Brio: Overview of the UI

Brio: Fader Layout


Brio: Busses and Outputs

Brio: Routing Audio


Brio: Monitoring


Brio: Control Linking


Brio: External Meter Screen


Brio: GPIO


Brio: Unboxing

Brio: Shows and Memories

Brio: Assigning Audio Paths to Faders


Brio: Connecting Inputs and Outputs

Brio: Processing Audio


Brio: Routing with Contribution Mode


Brio: Surface Configuration


Brio: Mix Minus


Brio: Mic Open Busses