Calrec's Senior Product Technician, Jan Law receives highly commended recognition at Rise Awards

Jan Law, Calrec’s Senior Product Technician has received highly commended recognition at the global Rise Awards 2020 virtual ceremony.

Jan was one of only two women to receive this prestigious recognition, coming a very close second in the Engineer category at the Rise Women in Broadcast annual global award ceremony which was held on Tuesday 17th November.

Rise received over 100 submissions in eight categories from across the global broadcast audience, including manufacturers, broadcasters and service providers.

Jan was recognised as a dynamic and innovative engineer who embodies the very best of the broadcasting profession.  An independent set of judges from the likes of BT Sport, Grass Valley, Timeline TV, Sky and Red Bee Media shortlisted Janet from a 21-strong list of entries, coming a very close 2nd to Yulia Rozmarin, R&D Project Manager at Live U and beat off tough competition from Abigail Seager, Senior Systems Engineer at BBC News.

Jan Law, Senior Product Technician at Calrec, said: “I am delighted to receive highly commended at the Rise Awards. Being nominated for the RISE Engineer Award is an incredible honour, but to gain recognition against such strong competition is just amazing!

“A huge thank you to everyone at RISE and Calrec. I must also pay tribute to Sally Baines, Calrec’s Production Manager. Sally is dedicated, as we all are, to making sure that the right things are in place, including the right people, and so I have to thank her for having faith in me all those years ago. Without her, none of this would have been possible. Thank Sally for giving me the opportunity and the confidence to move into such a key technical role. This recognition is as much for you as it is for me.”

Meet Jan Law

Jan Law has been in the audio console business for almost 35 years. She started her career at Calrec in 1986 soldering through-hole components and has spent the last 19 years working collaboratively with multiple R&D teams to productise conceptual and prototype broadcast equipment as it develops through the New Product Introduction process.

Jan has shaped Calrec’s production methods and product design for almost 20 years, throughout our industry’s seismic shift from analogue to digital production, and has helped manage the change in pace from through-hole construction through to surface mount PCB development.

Her level of expertise, resourcefulness and logical approach to the physical practicalities of hardware construction is the bridge between the conceptual design process and the robust, practical hardware which finds its way to market.

As Calrec’s Senior Product Technician, Jan has achieved remarkable growth and works directly with the Hardware Manager and the Mechanical Design team to identify, develop and fix practical issues with prototypes to help shape the physical design at every stage of the prototype process.

Mark Wayman, Calrec’s Hardware Manager said: “Jan is dynamic, very well respected and completely dedicated to getting it right for both internal production who are required to build the equipment and for external customers who need access for maintenance and upgrades. She is an integral part of the prototype and design process, and her logical approach to problem-solving is second to none.”

Matt Dutton, Calrec’s Mechanical Design Engineer said: “Jan is part of our Design for Assembly (DFA) process – I will speak to Jan about a new design before we get anywhere near prototyping. She understands mechanical assembly better than anyone else at Calrec and is ruthlessly efficient at it – we speak to Jan early in the process to make sure our designs are practical on a physical level.”

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