In the current fast paced, technologically progressive era, modern broadcasters demand more versatility and integration from their audio equipment. TV companies need to ensure that their systems can produce programmes efficiently and to required specifications. For their audio systems to be able to achieve this, greater consideration has to be given to their networks as a whole and how efficiently they can be controlled.

Calrec has designed its range of products to meet these demands.

The Apollo, Artemis , Summa and Brio consoles all leverage powerful FPGA technology, providing more digital audio channels for 5.1 Surround production and more user-friendly control surfaces to deal with them. These control surfaces are flexible to accommodate operator’s needs with intuitive and straightforward user interfaces to shelp simplify tasks and speed up workflows.

This enhanced flexibility and control allows consoles with relatively few physical controls to drive a much greater number of channels, busses and outputs.

Calrec’s RP1 remote production unit caters for a need to capture an increasingly wider range of live events, such as regional sports, news or music festivals, and mix them in a remote facility hundreds or thousands of miles away. It provides local DSP to enable the generation of monitor mixes and IFBs with no latency, and it gives an operator in a remote studio direct control over channel functions such as mic gains, aux send/monitor mix levels and fader levels. It also provides a mechanism to embed audio into existing backhaul technologies, such as SDI.

Whether you are looking to expand your studio complex, outfit a remote vehicle, increase your live event programming, build redundancy into your facility or simple build onto an exisiting Hydra2 network, Calrec can help you achieve your audio goals, whatever your place in the broadcast ecosystem.

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