CJ O Shopping Ltd., Korea’s first home shopping network and the country’s No. 1 multimedia retailer, has installed a new Calrec Summa console in its newly renovated Studio E. The Summa joins three existing Calrec Omega consoles, which have worked flawlessly in CJ O’s other studios since 2010.

“For our new studio upgrade, we needed a cost-effective console that would provide ultimate stability and ease of use while also providing top-quality output. We also wanted to go with a brand we could trust,” said Mr. Cho Byeong-Uk, engineer, CJ O Shopping. “After our many years of experience with Calrec desks and the great Calrec team, we knew the Summa would be the perfect choice.”

Founded in 1995, CJ O Shopping broadcasts one of Korea’s most widely viewed home shopping channels in addition to a global multimedia shopping network that also includes T-commerce, internet shopping, and catalogue/e-catalogue services. Installed in CJ O Shopping’s main Studio E, the new Summa offers features such as path presets that make producing the multihost TV-shopping show easier than ever before.

“Many of our engineers are younger-generation, and they’re used to working with mobile devices. The Summa console GUI is perfect for them — it’s so easy to use that it sometimes seems just as simple as operating a mobile device,” Mr. Cho Byeong-Uk added. “For our operators, ease of use is one of the best features of the Summa.”

Anthony Harrison, Calrec’s international sales manager, commented, “CJ O has a long list of ‘firsts’ in the multimedia retail world: It is Korea’s first home-shopping TV broadcast and first integrated mobile shopping app, as well as the first Korean home shopping company to enter the global marketplace. It’s a privilege to have such a strong partnership with this market leader.

“CJ O has used our consoles for many years, starting with some of our legacy desks well before they installed the Omegas in 2010. They know they can count on Calrec to offer the reliability, quality, and value they need for their growing business.”

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