Jeonju Television (JTV), a regional TV and radio broadcasting company in Jeonju, South Korea, has installed a Calrec Brio36 and Brio12 digital audio console for its FM studio and DJ room on JTV Magic FM .

Seung Young Hwang, Team Leader of Engineering & Technical Operations Department at JTV, said: “We’ve been using a Calrec Artemis console since 2016 in our TV studio and we wanted the same value, performance and power but in a different footprint.

The Brios have an intuitive user interface and superb sound quality. For the price and especially for our needs, there is no better console on the market.”

JTV Magic FM covers music, sports, social issues and traditional Korean music. The Brio audio consoles are being used on a wide variety of broadcasts, including programs such as Happiness Power Plant, Theme Music Odyssey, and Love4U.

Anthony Harrison, International Sales Manager, Calrec, said: “The broadcast industry in Asia is vibrant, especially given the challenges the industry has faced with COVID-19, and we’re delighted that JTV is taking advantage of our flagship Brio consoles.”

Calrec has launched the Calrec Sound Institute, a series of free online certification training courses for Brio and other consoles, as well as comprehensive AoIP Training.

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