Calrec is pleased to announce that it has passed the recent JT-NM Interop – Joint Task Force on Networked Media – IP test and is now included as part of the JT-NM Tested Catalogue, which was published at IBC 2019.

Pete Walker, Senior Product Manager with Calrec, says, “What the JT-NM is doing – backed by VSF, SMPTE, AMWA and the EBU – is tremendously important in terms of continuing the push to true IP interoperability. It includes NMOS, which we believe is vital as a standardised mechanism for not only discovery/advertisement of IP technologies connected to a network alongside IP streams, but also connection management from a centralised point. This means operators do not have to log in to each device on a network to configure its connections, but instead have a user-friendly UI capable of dynamically routing streams between devices from different manufacturers.”

The JT-NM Tested program is designed to provide those who want to deploy IP technologies with insight into how respective technologies interoperate and how they adhere to the relevant SMPTE standards.

Walker adds, “To unlock the full potential of IP and give broadcasters the workflows, costs and efficiency savings they need to compete in the modern era, we must all work together, fully and properly implementing the agreed standards to provide proven multi-vendor systems that are easy for operational staff to use. At Calrec we are working with our partners and following the JT-NM roadmap – our Type R, IP-native radio system being a prime example – working towards the ultimate goals of making life better for our customers.”

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