During the pandemic Calrec’s UK partner, Synthax Audio, took the opportunity to connect to their market, and their output was prolific. Here Bas Free, Synthax’s Marketing Manager, talks about how they maintain their work rate, how they decide what content to create, how they maximise output and their tips for success.

“We want Synthax to be the company that people contact when they think about the Brio or the Type R, and so our output reflects that,” says Synthax Marketing Manager Bas Free.

Synthax Audio has been Calrec’s official distributor for Brio and Type R in the UK for three years. They produce a huge amount of content for all their brands across video, newsletters, brochures, fact sheets and tutorials. This year especially, they have been able to keep their customer base informed and educated while many have been in lockdown, and have kept Synthax at the forefront of their customer’s minds.

Training & Feature Reviews
“We find that video makes compelling product overviews,” says Bas. “Manufacturer communication often has to be high-level, and because our market is more limited we can afford to be very personal. We like to work hand-in-hand with our manufacturers, but because we are operating on a more local level our support can be very tailored and very targeted. There are always opportunities to provide training and feature reviews which will benefit our specific audience.”

Driving Traffic
Synthax has a clear goal with digital marketing, which is to drive traffic to their website for all its brands, which include RME, Ferrofish and Appsys. They work closely with their network of dealers to access local knowledge about what the market wants and use this to adapt their content.

Social Media
“There are a number of ways to work social channels, but we do use it to drive relevant and interesting content to drive traffic to our website. A lot of social media is common sense; include a clear call to action, a link to the website and clear contact details. People do click! Keeping it simple ticks all the easy boxes.”

Content That Works | Videos
Synthax produces a mixture of content across video, press and social channels and aims to produce one piece of original material every week. While Bas stresses that they need to use a mix of marketing channels, they do pay attention to what works for them using free tools like Google Analytics.

“Video is a very easy way to start building a relationship, and it’s great for SEO. We pay close attention to Google Analytics, and most of our social traffic is consistently from YouTube – in fact, it’s growing and is more and more popular every week.

“We create videos in-house with basic equipment and it’s a very efficient way to work. We can produce two pieces of content from each shoot; one is a video which we embed on our website, and then we transcribe the audio and add images for use in a written article.

“It works for us, and it’s quick to do. You can do a lot just with a smartphone these days…I recorded the Type R unboxing video in our warehouse with just a Samsung S9!”

Check out some of Synthax Audio’s videos here.

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Synthax Equipment List


  • 2 x Canon DSLR (with tripods and various lenses)
  • 1 x Track Slider (for moving shots)


  • 2 x LED lights on stands


  • 1 x Zoom H1 recorder
  • 1 x MicW Lav mic (with a Rode NTG2 attached 2 x DSLR
  • 1 x slider
  • Lights
  • Mic and RME interface
  • Zoom recorder
  • Lav mic

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