For those without a home winter is an especially difficult time of year, but thanks to charities like Calderdale Smartmove there is hope. Calderdale Smartmove offers help to the homeless and those at risk of losing their tenancies. Like all charities though they need support.

That is why a team of charitable Calrec employees are literally putting themselves out to raise money for this cause. On 27th February 2020, General Manager Sid Stanley and eight of Calrec’s finest will be staging their own sleepout to raise money to help Smartmove.

“Calrec has long been part of the Calderdale community,” said Sid Stanley. “We believe it is important to give back to the local community and to help those less fortunate than us and this is a great way of doing so.

“It’ll only be a glimpse of what some people have to contend with on a daily basis, and it’ll certainly be a challenge in Yorkshire in February. We want to raise as much money as possible, so we need as many people as possible to donate whatever they can to this worthy cause.”

The hardy bunch of fund raisers will then go to work the next day after what will be a difficult night with little sleep.

Smartmove work with the homeless and vulnerable to help them formulate a workable plan to secure accommodation. They help with benefit applications, housing and other entitlements, then once they have a home they’ll help with furnishings and any assistance with their wellbeing and education.

You can donate to the sleepout via so please give whatever you can afford. It all adds up!

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