This week we were delighted to be able to have a fireside chat with top UK sound guru Robert Edwards, who has 46 years of experience as one of the primary mixers for live TV in the UK. This lively discussion, hosted by the IABM exclusively for a network of students across Europe and Russia, touched on the specifics of broadcast mixing, how that differs from other audio mixing disciplines and how to get into the broadcast audio industry, as well as lots of other fascinating audio nuggets.

Did you know, for example, that the “whoosh” you hear when there is a replay on live football came from Robert’s experience working in light entertainment? Or how to visualise the physical practicalities of how seven celebrities on a moving eight-meter wheel can hear each other as they spin around a comedian!

Click here for the full interview.

In the meantime, as Dave Letson, Vice President of Sales at Calrec and Robert touched on how Covid has affected the industry, we are also pleased to share with you this short video of Robert’s home set up. Robert built this when the UK went into lockdown in 2020 and features an S21 from Calrec’s sister company, DiGiCo, at its core. Listen out for the talkback which Robert has to work with while simultaneously mixing a live show!

Meet Robert Edwards

Robert is one of the UK’s most respected television sound supervisors, regularly mixing live worldwide events for a worldwide audience.

Some of his high profile broadcasts include mixing the World Television Sound Feed for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies at the Olympics in Brazil to a live audience of 2 billion viewers, FA Cup Finals at Wembley, Champion’s League Football Finals in Athens, Moscow, London and Istanbul, where he pioneered the first-ever 5.1 surround-sound live broadcast mix for the event. In fact, Robert helped define surround mixing and helped bring cinema-style surround mixing to Sky’s football coverage.

He has also been the television sound mixer or sound director for every UK live primetime episode of Britain’s Got Talent for ITV, and for all the live X Factor programmes, establishing the sound design for these productions that was copied and emulated around the world. Of his six nominations and two BAFTA Winner Awards, the latest one in 2015 was for his work as part of the X Factor Production team.

Calrec’s relationship with Robert goes back many years – he was instrumental in helping us develop our Apollo mixing console, such as working with our colour palette to avoid issues with colour vision deficiency.

Robert mixed on the first ever Apollo on its live debut in 2007, and uses the same desk today for Britain’s Got Talent!

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