Gone are the days when an audio console was required to simply mix audio. Increasingly consoles are integral components on a facility-wide networks, giving rise to adaptable workflows, shareable resources and the ability to be easily expanded. From the very beginning, Calrec has created innovative solutions that have allowed broadcasters to develop their working methods and get greater value from their equipment.

In 2000, Calrec introduced Hydra to the marketplace. A low latency proprietary networking solution that redefined how Calrec users thought about workflows and infrastructures. This was superseded in 2009 by Hydra2 which brought greater control and flexibility to broadcast infrastructures globally, and allowed the construction of complex routing networks with control software that transparently organised all routing.

Both systems continue to be integral to the success of many of the world’s leading broadcasters.

Now the industry is pushing for a more integrated approach using open standards and established networking technology, Calrec is dedicated to supporting the broadcaster’s chosen route to interoperability.

Following the ratification of AES67 a clearer path has been defined by AIMS which is now guiding the industry towards true integration. As IP workflows gain momentum, broadcasters can be confident that Calrec will be at the forefront, lighting the way.

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