Legacy Products

Legacy Products

Today, broadcasters are demanding more versatility and integration from their audio equipment. TV companies want to ensure that their systems can produce programmes efficiently and to required specifications.

Calrec’s team of innovators has always anticipated major changes and consistently provided superior products that have allowed forward-thinking broadcasters to remain one step ahead. As broadcast requirements continue to evolve, Calrec will continue to be at the forefront of this evolution.

Calrec remains committed to all its products, and all its customers. In addition to paid Service Contracts, Calrec operate a 10 year maintenance policy, pledging to provide component spares and repair services for all consoles for a minimum of 10 years from shipment date.

This commitment remains for all legacy products which are currently in use with broadcasters all over the world, including:

Analogue consoles
X Series

Calrec reserves the right to offer alternative components, parts or other hardware/software solutions to those originally supplied should original components or parts be unavailable. All parts, spares, loans, labour and repairs provided outside console warranty will be chargeable including any shipping and import/export costs.

Click here for links to Operational Manuals for all the above consoles.