What The Hell Do Sound Mixers Do?

This was the not unreasonable question posed by an article on earlier this year.

We probably all have an answer to this, but then it's okay for us, we're living the dream. But most folks won't know or indeed care what a sound mixer does on the job.

And why would they? A good sound mix shouldn't even be noticed - in fact, in this article written by Digg's Dan Fallon, he makes the assertion that "as soon as the audience notices something slightly off in the (audio) mix, "you've lost them." He's not wrong, and that translates just as cleanly into live broadcast, which is of course what we are more concerned with here at Calrec.

Dan's article takes the point that a good mix should be invisible as it's starting point, and while it's written around film sound is still a brilliant article, and gives an overview of the role of audio in film. It also has a great clip of a premier league boom operator working on a very complex scene from Hugo, which you may have seen before but is very worthy of another view.

Read it here.


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