Wearhaus Get the Party Started, Quietly, In Your House

A new audio-related Kickstarter campaign is always likely to get my Community juices flowing, and this one, from wireless headphones maker WearHaus is no exception.

Wireless heaphones have hitherto been either as rare as hen's teeth or as disappointing as most national football teams' World Cup performances, but these WearHaus Arcs look a lot more promising, because they are nearly here and they allow you to do something clever - create your own, private headphone concert, 'silent disco' or information broadcast channel.

They're Bluetooth-enabled, naturally, and the makers claim a battery life of 16 continuous hours, which is impressive, though not as impressive as the pairing function, which allows a group of people wearing WearHaus headphones to all llsten to the same content being played off a single device, simultaneously. However, when sharing, battery life is reduced to only 10 hours. Testing has been done with up to six people at a range of 100 feet outdoors and 65 feet indoors, though, theoretically, the system can support many more users, and over a greater distance.

A micro-USB charging cable is included, along with a standard 3.5mm audio cable for those who prefer wired audio. Voice calls and in-game chat are supported by a high-quality digital mic embedded in the earcup, right next to your jaw.

From their Kickstarter page:

"As music lovers ourselves, we know that music is one of the most powerful ways to connect with someone – whether they’re an old friend or a new acquaintance. We never liked the way that headphones automatically close you off from everyone around you (although in many cases, that’s useful!), so we built Arc to be the first pair of headphones that let you wirelessly sync up with multiple friends and listen together.To accomplish this, we designed a mesh networking protocol on top of standard Bluetooth audio profiles, allowing Arc to relay music wirelessly between multiple units and listen in sync. Now you can easily introduce your friends to the artists you love most, or discover new music through people around you."

A Wearhaus app works in tandem with the Arc headphones, displaying a feed of stations nearby and controlling privacy settings as well as colour of the illuminated rings around the edge of the headphone cups.

The team are already well on the way to to raising $50,000 they need to fund the project, and early adopters can secure a pair of Arcs off the production line for $179.



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