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The Calrec Periodic Table of Broadcast Consoles

Hands up if you love science.

We do, we really love it. So when our elite team of revolutionary, in-house science boffins created a list of all the elements one needs to build the ultimate audio broadcast console, we thought we had better get it down on paper. And, incredibly, we found that they fit perfectly into the periodic table. What are the chances?

The elements fell neatly into the the following regions:

  • Specialisms: Calrec specialises in some very specific markets, which allows us to focus on their specific needs...but what exactly are they?
  • Innovation: Calrec has had a number of global world-firsts, some pretty clever innovations, so we listed them here.
  • Broadcast Features: Broadcast consoles have very specific features which are not common to all audio desks... but what are these features?
  • Corporate: Some of the world's biggest broadcasters trust Calrec with their output every day. Why?
  • Console elements: What are the building blocks of a broadcast console in a broadcast infrastructure? FIND OUT HERE!
  • Control: A refined user interface is increasingly important, as consoles are capable of doing so much more, how do you control all this? Well, how do you?
  • Networking: Protocols, control, management...what is it about audio networking that is so confusing? What elements should a broadcast desk deal with?

We are delighted and proud to be able to share these secrets with you now, with the publication of the Calrec Periodic Table of Broadcast Consoles. Have a look at it here.

Uniquely for a console manufacturer, we also love Scrabble. Which is why we are encouraging everyone to use our bespoke Periodic Table Slogan Generator to create your own words, slogans or phrases about what audio means to you. Or what you think of when you think about Calrec. Or just how much you bloody love science! Simply drag the elements to the bottom of the page and submit your phrase.

We will use our favourites in all our ads, banners and other places on the web, and we will reference your name, job title and company so people will know how clever you are. And so that there is absolutely no doubt about that, we'll send everyone who we feature a Mr/MS Cl Ev Er shirt, which you can wear whenever you need to impress people. But get your skates on, we're not made of T Shirts.

Here are a couple of our internal favourites to get you started:

Its Nice Oop North small


Darth Ffader small





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