SMPTE Kicks 2015 Seminar Series Off In London And Salford

SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) has announced that its globetrotting series of 2015 seminars, 'Navigating the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Ecosystem', will begin in the UK - in London on Monday 9 February at EEF’s Broadway House in Westminster and in Manchester on Wednesday 11 February at BBC MediaCity Quay House in Salford, where attendance is free to SMPTE members courtesy of the BBC Academy.

The seminar will investigate the potential impact of new and emerging UHD standards, UHD-related technologies and the impact they are beginning to have on professional content creation facilities and provide 'an overview of today’s vision of the UHD ecosystem, the ways in which these technologies will affect both the broadcasting and cinema industries, and potential impact on viewer engagement.' - specifically:

  • higher frame rates (HFR)
  • wide colour gamut
  • pixel density
  • high dynamic range (HDR)
  • peak brightness
  • immersive audio

For more information, also see SMPTE's second Study Group Report on the UHD ecosystem

Key elements of the seminar are:

  • The landscape of UHD – the basic definitions, challenges that must be overcome, the areas in which standardisation work is under way, and how UHD will impact motion imaging content creation in the future
  • Audio and UHD - techniques such as object-based audio and the evolution of traditional multichannel sound will be addressed
  • High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression standard – the features and methodologies will be explained, including how it can manage greater volumes of data and how HFR and increased static resolution will require more efficient coding to achieve acceptable bit rates
  • Ways that mezzanine compression is currently used to reduce the impact on existing infrastructure and the improvements that are necessary in the production workflow
  • UHD interface standards and the need for faster and increased storage capacity will be explored
  • How UHD related technology might be shaped into workflows that deliver quality imaging and audio to the creators and distributors in a way that is cost effective

The seminar will finish with a case study on practical experience in live UHD production and a section on possible timescales for solving the implementation challenges.

The event is targetted at engineers and technicians who will deploy and use UHD systems, those involved with content creation, distribution, and delivery and other professionals with an interest in UHD technology such as editors, manufacturers and equipment suppliers. Spaces at each seminar are limited.


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