Sky’s Martin Black on the biggest audio network in the world!

As we wrote last year, "our industry is hurtling towards an inevitable interoperable future, but the route there could take a number of different paths."

Well, it turns out we were right, and this was beautifully illustrated at Resolution's Audio Networking Forum at RIBA in London last month.The event was an eye-opening, straight-talking, myth de-bunking day of debate and discussion which drew a much-needed line in the sand. As organiser Zenon Shoepe said:

"Audio networking has been the most important issue in audio production for years because we all knew that it was coming but we couldn’t predict its form or function. The arrival of AES67 has served as something of a rallying point but we all still want to know where we’re heading. No area of professional audio has remained untouched by the potential of audio networking - anyone who thinks that audio networking won’t impact on their work doesn’t understand it. This is core technological change that will alter attitudes and working methods forever. "

The Forum touched on AES67, Ravenna, Audinate, AVB and others, and was a bold attempt to put these protocols into perspective. For those people who missed it, Resolution have been good enough to post all videos of all the speakers on their YouTube channel, which you can find here. If your finger is too tired to make that link, you can watch Sky senior sound supervisor and technical consultant Martin Black's fascinating presentation on the workflows of Sky’s London HQ, and the design of the complex audio network they installed. See below.



And here is Calrec's very own networking champion Patrick Warrington setting different and differing networking technologies in perspective and context.


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