Imersa Summit 2015: Denver 25-28 February

ISC_Calrec_Imersa_logo_1Imersa is 'an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences'.

The sixth annual IMERSA Summit will continue the community agenda to investigate developments in immersive digital cinema for entertainment, education, research science and arts.

The Summit is being held in Denver, Colorado from 25 - 28 February, at a number of venues including the Denver Museum of Nature & Fish1Science, the SIE Film Center and the Holiday Inn Denver East.

Activities at the Summit will include sessions on developments in immersive audio, 8K technology demonstrations, convergence, cross-platforming and standards discussions, sessions on the capture, production, distribution and display of immersive cinema, screenings of immersive cinema content from around the world ... and lots of networking.


  • Wednesday 25 February - Pre-Summit workshops and meetings, AFDI (Association of Fulldome Innovators), IFAA (International Fulldome Arts Alliance), GSCA (Giant Screen Cinema Association), IMERSA (business meetings). Evening live performance - CEREMONY
  • Thursday 26 February - Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars
  • Friday 27 February - Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars. Pro.Show networking event, 2015 recognition banquet
  • Saturday 28 February - Fulldome professional development workshops and seminars. 8K screenings at the Fiske Planetarium, Boulder
  • March 1st (Sunday) Forum 2015, Brunch and meet-up sessions with innovators and affiliates, no host dinner

And I dare say it will be quite cold in Denver at that time of year, so, if you're thinking of attending, don't forget to pack your thermals and bobble hat.



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