Have you got Golden Ears?

We've all heard about these so-called "Golden Ears" and the lofty position they have in everyday audio society. They get the best (quietest) seats in restaurants, and are talked about in revered, hushed tones, which would probably lack timbre if you were to double check with them.

Philips think this is unfair, and we agree. Surely the only reason we don't all have Golden Ears is because we haven't been taught how to use them? Well, we think they are right. All you need are:

1. Ears.
2. Headphones.
3. Time.
4. This website.

This free online training course is based on Philips' original training program and was designed to develop the listening skills of Philips' audio engineers. The course is divided into five key sections: tibre, details, spacial impression, bass and loudness. It guides the listener through the nuances of each one and tests them at the end with a series of increasingly subtle differences. It's all jolly good fun, and it can be surprisingly difficult at times. Not sure about the term "boominess" though.

Terms aside, around 22,000 people have reached some kind of level on this. That's about 22,000 people who now pay more attention to how they listen to things than they did before, and that's a lovely thing. If it means just one less Subwoofer in a second-hand Ford Focus it can be judged as a service to society.


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