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Farewell Fountain

It was Chaucer who first said "all good things must come to an end" and over six hundred years later this is still true. This statement also applies to great things. So it is with this sentiment that Calrec was sad to learn about the closure of Fountain Studios.

Fountain Studios in Wembley has been broadcasting popular television shows longer than any other current independent TV studio in the UK. These include The X-Factor, The Cube, The Voice , Pop Idol, and even the episode of Friends; The One with Ross's Wedding.

Not only has it played a large part in entertaining the masses it has also played a significant role in Calrec's story.

Fountain has been a Calrec stalwart for many years, as evidenced in the picture above! That's the S2 analogue console that was originally in Studio A. Fountain was also the first customer in the world to buy an Apollo console, which is the desk they installed when the facility was upgraded to HD. Fountain had bought into the concept of the Apollo early on and were very involved in development consultations; they also hosted the Apollo's official UK launch in 2009.

It is important for manufacturers like Calrec to work with broadcast facilities in order to hone their equipment into the best and most highly tuned broadcast tools they can. If it wasn't for the likes of Fountain and their contemporaries being willing to take risks and shape the future of broadcast audio, television would be a vastly different landscape.

We feel that we have lost an ally - Fountain and the people who work there are very professional, approachable, friendly and cooperative, and the news of Fountain's closure is a real blow for us at Calrec and for the UK broadcast industry as a whole.


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