Calrec Return to the Highlands

Richard Hemmings, the Electrical Engineering Lecturer at Lews Castle College on Stornoway, commented on this post last year, and we were excited to receive it. And not only because we rarely get any comments.

Richard was looking for a suitable electrical project for his Advanced Engineering Practice students at the college, and he stumbled across the Nutclough Amp kits which we have been giving away as part of Calrec's 50th Anniversary celebrations. Calrec already have links with the Scottish Island of Stornoway - one of our Zeta consoles is installed at BBC Alba studio on Seaforth Road. For Richard it was an especially nostalgic link to the desk installed at the Alba studio as BBC Alba's audio staff is comprised of Richard’s former students! Richard said:

"The project criteria required a hand soldered printed circuit board with a minimum of 20 electrical components. In the past we have purchased commercial project kits, but this year’s theme was to construct a circuit which would be of some practical use once the students complete their studies. The Calrec kit is a small amplifier designed to work with a smart phone or similar device, so that music could be played through an on board loudspeaker. Calrec provided the kits free of charge, and they were so popular that we also supplied several to my former students at the BBC. I was pleased to see that their soldering skills were still to a high standard!"

Chris MacDonald is Director of Operations at MG Alba and studied for his Engineering Degree at Lews Castle College.

"My time as a student at Lews Castle College has stood me in very good stead for the job I do at MG Alba. I’m pleased to see that the College is still upholding its engineering tradition of mixing practical hand skills with technical theory, although it’s disappointing that we didn’t have such fun projects when I was there!"

We have more commemorative Nutclough amp kits available at trade shows until the summer, and we are giving them away to all deserving folk. As before, all the components have been kindly supplied by our friends at Farnell Element 14.

And don't forget to Tweet your completed amps, @calrecaudio


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