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Essential Buyers Guides: Don’t get short-changed on DSP

By Mike Reddick, European Sales Manager, Calrec Most guides to buying audio consoles recommend looking at channel facilities; how many you need and what your future requirements might be. This is of course very sensible, but Calrec’s European Sales Manager Mike Reddick tells us that not all channel counts are created equal. If you are asking […]

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on Mar 8, 2017

Craft Interview: Xavier Fontaine

Our latest Craft Interview is with AMP VISUAL TV’s Xavier Fontaine, who talks us through the challenges of broadcasting one of the world’s most gruelling major motor events – the annual Le Mans 24 hour race – in the worlds biggest outside broadcast truck. Even as a child, Xavier was passionate about audio and hi-fi, leading him to […]

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on Dec 15, 2016

Remote Production with Pac 12

San Francisco’s Pac-12 Networks leads the field in remote broadcasting, with a unique Production Model, which allows it to broadcast more than 850 live events every year. Over the last four years, Pac-12 Networks has developed this model of broadcasting and is now inspiring others to do the same – in fact, its model is the […]

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on Dec 7, 2016
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Calrec Craft Profile: Paul Special

Paul Special is a Freelance Broadcast Music Mixer who is regularly found mixing bands for ABC’s Good Morning America at Times Square Studios in New York. He also mixes music for other ABC shows including The View, as well as shows for different networks like 106 & Park for BET, and You Oughta Know for […]

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on Aug 31, 2016
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Calrec Craft Profile: Marco Pelloni

Marco Pelloni started his career in 1976 at Radio Victory in Portmouth, UK, before joining Southern Sound Radio in Brighton and then LBC news radio in London. This was still an era when copy from the news room was typed up on a typewriter and hand-delivered to the studio on carbon copy paper….and this was where Marco first […]

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on Jul 12, 2016

Calrec Craft Profile: Hugh Healy

We’re back with a new run of our popular Craft Interviews, and we’re delighted to be kicking off this new series with someone who not only is a completely brilliant audio engineer, but also a really lovely fellow: Hugh Healy. Like most people who work in audio for television, NEP’s Hugh Healy’s journey began with […]

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on May 24, 2016
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The Calrec Periodic Table of Broadcast Consoles

Hands up if you love science. We do, we really love it. So when our elite team of revolutionary, in-house science boffins created a list of all the elements one needs to build the ultimate audio broadcast console, we thought we had better get it down on paper. And, incredibly, we found that they fit perfectly into […]

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on Feb 22, 2016
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Reclaim Project

We don’t do it often enough if we’re honest, but on the occasions when we do open the portcullis to Nutclough Mill to non-audio folk, it’s always an eye-opener. As we beaver away with our audio blinkers on, it’s easy to forget that we are part of a wider community. In the last few weeks there have been two things […]

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on Feb 4, 2016
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Farewell Fountain

It was Chaucer who first said “all good things must come to an end” and over six hundred years later this is still true. This statement also applies to great things. So it is with this sentiment that Calrec was sad to learn about the closure of Fountain Studios. Fountain Studios in Wembley has been broadcasting […]

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on Jan 25, 2016
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Crafty Catch Up

We learned a new word this week: ultracrepidarian, “a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise.” Well, we have no time for that nonsense. We’re far too busy talking to our very knowledgeable customers about stuff they do understand. In fact, some time ago it occurred to us that we should […]

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on Dec 9, 2015

Calrec Craft Profile: The London Studios

The London Studios (TLS) is on London’s South Bank, right next door to the National Theatre and a stones throw from that weird-looking  OXO Tower. It is ITV’s main capital studio facility and was built in 1972. It has six studios and is home to some truly massive LE shows such as Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, […]

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on Oct 29, 2015

Jack of All Trades

My name is Jack, and I was asked to write a short community post to the Calrec website about my work experience placement there. On the 19th October, I began my week at Calrec. Ideally situated about three minutes walk from my house, I thought it would be a good place to work for a week. […]

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on Oct 23, 2015
rob wolifson

Calrec Craft Profile: Rob Wolifson

Rob Wolifson, TCN audio supervisor at Nine Network in Sydney, has earned a well-deserved reputation in the business as a broadcast mix master with an ear that’s spot-on. In his nearly 35 years at Nine, he has not only seen audio become much more sophisticated and complex, but he has had an opportunity to work […]

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on Oct 2, 2015
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Set it and forget it: the Calrec Automation System

At IBC2015, Calrec revealed its new automation system for the Apollo and Artemis consoles. Designed to record the movements of a console’s channel and bus controls in real time, Calrec’s implementation is unique in that it operates entirely in the background during a live broadcast. “In principle, Calrec’s broadcast automation system is similar to traditional […]

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on Sep 17, 2015
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Win this one-of-a-kind FIELDBOX guitar at IBC, Stand 8.C61

IBC 2015 is always a highlight on the Calrec calendar, and this year is no exception. We have a number of exciting product announcements at the show; an Apollo, Artemis, 24/8 and 12/8 Summa connected via a router core; a massive Hydra2 network which includes i/o via the Orange Box from our friends and colleagues at DiGiCo […]

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on Sep 4, 2015
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Calrec Craft Profile – Michael Couto

Following a sun-drenched summer break, we are delighted to kick off our next round of Craft interviews with LA’s Michael Couto. Michael began mixing TV news at NBC affiliate WBZ-TV in Boston back in the 80s. As the 90s came around, he moved to sunny Southern California where he began his long relationship with NBC’s flagship evening […]

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on Aug 24, 2015
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Fore! CTV at the Open

Technical Director Hamish Greig has worked with CTV on golf tournaments since their first Open in 1988, and worked on the company’s first European Tour live golf coverage in 1991. Here he talks us through the 144th Open coverage at St Andrews, and some of the broadcast difficulties which are specific to golf. This is […]

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on Aug 21, 2015
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Focussing on Sound

Mic placement is a tricky art. In the romantic rose tinted glory days of Motown there was only one mic and it was placed in front of the band. Everyone else was carefully positioned in the room to get the “mix” right. The drumkit was even nailed to the floor. Those days are long gone and […]

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on Jul 13, 2015
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Bringing Golf up to Par – driving the changes with Calrec’s Fieldbox

This article was first published in Resolution magazine, V14.3, May 2015 Back in the 1980’s we were confident of several indefensible truths: 1. Robots were going to take over the world, just as soon as they became self-aware, which was any day. 2. Back to the Future was an accurate representation of what life would […]

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on Jun 25, 2015
the sound of an angry seagul

The Sound of an Angry Seagull

The National Trust has embarked on a quest to create the UK’s first coastal sound map, and they are looking for your help to capture coastal sounds as part of their “Sounds of our Shores” project – you can contribute at the Audioboom website. Here’s what they chaps at Audioboom have to say: What does the UK […]

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on Jun 24, 2015
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Record your memories

When we saw this product on Kickstarter it ticked lot of boxes for us, it’s just a very smart idea. OpenEars are Bluetooth ear buds which can play music and be used on the go, but unlike other ear buds they also allow users to record in binaural sound, and without the inconvenience of lugging around a […]

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on Jun 4, 2015
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Calrec Craft Profile – Tony Williams

You don’t often hear the phrase “Jack of all trades, and Master of all trades as well.” There’s a good reason for that, and that is that we’ve made it up. In fact, we’ve made it up especially for Tony Williams. He’s done the lot – in the last six months alone he’s worked on games […]

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on May 6, 2015

What The Hell Do Sound Mixers Do?

This was the not unreasonable question posed by an article on earlier this year. We probably all have an answer to this, but then it’s okay for us, we’re living the dream. But most folks won’t know or indeed care what a sound mixer does on the job. And why would they? A good sound […]

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on May 1, 2015
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Calrec expands your networking horizon – the NEW Fieldbox

At NAB 2015 Calrec launched two compact format aluminium expansion units that can be used to expand and distribute your Hydra 2 network. The new Fieldbox range of small format I/O units bring the advantages of Calrec’s Hyda2 stage box to rugged environments and areas where rack space is at a premium. These 1U half […]

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on Apr 17, 2015
fred aldous

Calrec Craft Profile – Fred Aldous

Fred Aldous is regarded as one of the best sports mixers in the business, and he’s probably one of the busiest. In a well-established career as a broadcast sound mixer he has won 22 Sports Emmys in several categories, including Best Live Sound, Special Achievement and Technical Team Remotes. When he’s not doing that, he’s […]

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on Mar 26, 2015
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What does falling in love sound like?

The other week we read with some interest this article on the BBC website  about research into technologies to replace the audio descriptions that help visually impaired people enjoy TV shows and films. The theory is that audio descriptions, whilst explaining what is going on, are not part of the creative vision that the writer/director/producer […]

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on Mar 12, 2015
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Up! and at ’em: Join us at the AES this weekend

This weekend at the SAE Institute in London is the third year of ‘Up your Output!’, the AES British Section’s event specially designated for Student Members. This two day event has grown every year since the inaugral one-day event in 2013, where we recall we had a very unfortunate and unhappy accident with the Calrec van on the way back […]

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on Mar 5, 2015

Robot Jazz

Jazz divides the musical community. Some people love it and others hate it. Now it appears that we have a group who are completely oblivious to it but are also incredibly good at it. Robots. Yes, you heard, robots can now play jazz, which is somewhat frustrating as I have been playing guitar since the age […]

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on Feb 23, 2015
vaughan rogers

Calrec Craft Profile – Vaughan Rogers

Vaughan Rogers is a pivotal figure on live sports audio. He joined Sky in 1989 as a Sound Supervisor, and was Head of Audio within 12 months. Over the next 25 years he shaped the audio department at Sky, one of modern television’s most innovative broadcasters, helping to influence the way broadcasters present sound content to their customers. […]

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on Feb 9, 2015

How to be a Cubase Columbo

So what is a Phonopath? A psychopath in headphones? No. Well, perhaps, we’ve not solved it yet, but we will….Phonopath is an online puzzle which is designed specifically for audio geeks like me and you. The brainchild of Kevin Regamey, Phonopath an alternate reality game rooted in audio, and a finalist for Excellence in Audio for the upcoming IGF […]

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on Feb 6, 2015

ATSC 3.0 Audio System Bids Submitted

On 14 December 2014, the ATSC issued a Call for Proposals for a comprehensive audio system for the next generation ATSC 3.0 standard. Dolby (with Atmos), DTS (with DTS:X) and a consortium comprising Technicolor, Fraunhofer and Qualcomm (jointly promoting MPEG-H Audio) have spent January pitching their respective immersive audio systems. Personalisation and customisation of the […]

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on Jan 27, 2015

Imersa Summit 2015: Denver 25-28 February

Imersa is ‘an international community of professionals who create large-scale immersive digital experiences’. The sixth annual IMERSA Summit will continue the community agenda to investigate developments in immersive digital cinema for entertainment, education, research science and arts. The Summit is being held in Denver, Colorado from 25 – 28 February, at a number of venues including […]

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on Jan 24, 2015

Sky’s Martin Black on the biggest audio network in the world!

As we wrote last year, “our industry is hurtling towards an inevitable interoperable future, but the route there could take a number of different paths.” Well, it turns out we were right, and this was beautifully illustrated at Resolution’s Audio Networking Forum at RIBA in London last month.The event was an eye-opening, straight-talking, myth de-bunking day […]

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on Jan 21, 2015

SMPTE Kicks 2015 Seminar Series Off In London And Salford

SMPTE (The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) has announced that its globetrotting series of 2015 seminars, ‘Navigating the Ultra High Definition (UHD) Ecosystem’, will begin in the UK – in London on Monday 9 February at EEF’s Broadway House in Westminster and in Manchester on Wednesday 11 February at BBC MediaCity Quay House […]

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on Jan 20, 2015

Calrec Return to the Highlands

Richard Hemmings, the Electrical Engineering Lecturer at Lews Castle College on Stornoway, commented on this post last year, and we were excited to receive it. And not only because we rarely get any comments. Richard was looking for a suitable electrical project for his Advanced Engineering Practice students at the college, and he stumbled across the […]

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on Jan 14, 2015

Immersive Audio In the Home: The Content Challenge

The world and his wife will only take immersive audio in the home seriously if there’s lots and lots of content choice to tempt them to upgrade their decoders and speaker systems. Surely, that’s how these things work, isn’t it? At CES 2015 Dolby announced a long list of manufacturers that now support the home […]

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on Jan 11, 2015
Andy James at the Sports Personality of the Year 2014

Calrec Craft Profile – Andy James

Here in Blighty we are rather keen that our royal family are very well represented whenever there is a large royal event; jubilees, weddings, births of princesses, that kind of thing. And when that is required, UK-based sound supervisor Andy James is the man to call. He’s about as near as we’ve got to audio royalty! Over the […]

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on Jan 8, 2015

CNET’s Steve Guttenberg with his 2015 hi-res audio predictions

©> On the eve of CES 2015, CNET contributor Steve Guttenberg , AKA @audiophiliacman, on what might be just round the corner in high-end audio: – hi-res iTunes and a resurgence of the iPod classic as a hi-res player, presumably to rival the Pomo – the take-off of Dolby Atmos for the home – […]

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on Jan 5, 2015

A Quick CES 2015 Audio Preview

© As we approach the end of 2014, it’s time to consider that the Las Vegas sun will soon be rising over CES 2015, the first major media and consumer technology event of the calendar year. So what can audio technology watchers expect from this year’s event? The MPEG-H Audio Alliance – Fraunhofer IIS, […]

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on Dec 30, 2014

This Christmas Surround Yourself With … Dinosaurs

©   If you’re at a bit of a loose end over the extended break, why not tweak your surround system with this handy THX test video, featuring dinosaurs. As one Alan Partridge would say …   Merry Christmas everybody, Merry Christmas!  

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on Dec 23, 2014

Getting To The Root of Remote Production

© It’s rare that a vegetable can be used as a metaphor in the world of broadcast technology. Sure, we all love a turnip, a potato, a nice bunch of carrots, but it’s rare we encounter them at an event about audio networking. At Tonmeistertagung, Calrec’s Head of Technology Patrick Warrington introduced the networking onion as […]

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on Dec 19, 2014

Cymatics: Manipulating Matter Using Sound

It’s an area of scientific research that will be new to many of you, but Cymatics, as Lynda Arnold writes on the Ask Audio website, is the study of visible sound vibration and how sound can transform matter. “Sound guides us and shapes us, yet is an intangible force. We can capture sound in the […]

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on Dec 12, 2014
network optical fiber cables and hub

How much fibre should you have in your diet?

© Audio was allotted a refreshingly chunky 45 minutes immediately after the mid-afternoon coffee break during last week’s SVG Europe FutureSport forum at Lord’s cricket ground. The first audio session, which was the second part of the “Say You want an (IP) Revolution” strand and was entitled “Audio Anyplace, Anytime”, was always going to […]

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on Dec 9, 2014
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Calrec Craft Profile – Michael Abbott

In our second Calrec Craft profile (click here for Randy Flick), we were honored to be able to speak to top US mixer Michael Abbott. Michael is one of the most experienced Light Entertainment mixers in the business, having worked on The Voice, Shark Tank and the X Factor, amongst many others. He has worked on […]

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on Dec 2, 2014

From Corn Fields To Ice Fields – The Sound Of Interstellar

From the early scenes, with their sounds made using trucks and corn and hoses and sand, to the second chapter, with its rocket sounds, including rocket engine tests recorded in the Mojave desert, to the sounds made, and, perhaps more importantly, not made, in space, director Christopher Nolan drove the sound team on Interstellar to […]

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on Nov 28, 2014

Towering Performance By Atmos In Home Test

Even if you haven’t been lucky enough to experience it yourself yet, you will be familiar with the ourselves of Dolby Atmos (and the rival Auro system from Barco) in a select number of top-end cinemas. What’s less commonly understood is whether Atmos and / or Auro will find a place in the home. US home cinema magazine […]

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on Nov 24, 2014

Wearhaus Get the Party Started, Quietly, In Your House

A new audio-related Kickstarter campaign is always likely to get my Community juices flowing, and this one, from wireless headphones maker WearHaus is no exception. Wireless heaphones have hitherto been either as rare as hen’s teeth or as disappointing as most national football teams’ World Cup performances, but these WearHaus Arcs look a lot more […]

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on Nov 12, 2014

Networking, the future and the present

© Our industry is hurtling towards an inevitable interoperable future, but the route there could take a number of different paths. There are already a number of different protocols vying for your attention, and a number of promises have been made alongside various different claims. It is all rather complicated. Luckily for us, Zenon Scheope (pictured left) from Resolution magazine recognises this, and he’s on […]

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on Nov 11, 2014

Have you got Golden Ears?

We’ve all heard about these so-called “Golden Ears” and the lofty position they have in everyday audio society. They get the best (quietest) seats in restaurants, and are talked about in revered, hushed tones, which would probably lack timbre if you were to double check with them. Philips think this is unfair, and we agree. Surely […]

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on Nov 4, 2014

Sound For Games: Loving The Alien

Early in this BBC “exclusive” on sound design for games, we’re reminded of George Lucas’s assertion that “sound is half” of the movie-going experience, and that it’s “where you get the most bang for your buck”, and let’s assume he means as both filmmaker and audience. In this quite lengthy piece on the BBC’s Technology […]

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on Oct 28, 2014