bluefin2 card


Bluefin was the world's first implementation in a mixing console of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology for full DSP processing, providing enough processing on one DSP card to power an entire mixing console running surround-sound productions.

Bluefin2 is the latest generation of Calrec’s FPGA technology, and has been designed for surround operation from the outset. It gives the Apollo console a staggering 1020 channel processing paths, with up to 680 on the Artemis and 180 on the Summa. It is the DSP powerhouse for this generation of Calrec consoles, and provides enough processing muscle to cope with the biggest, boldest 5.1 projects.

As you would expect from Calrec, all these features are available irrespective of the processing load on other channels, as channel resources are not shared across the console as a whole.

And of course, system resilience is always reinforced with a second Bluefin2 card in each Apollo rack - it’s like having another console as a hot spare.

Whatever the developing requirements of HD broadcast, Calrec’s Bluefin2 processing engine will keep you on the air and sounding great.